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The MUSIQ Lab is my experimentation zoo for projects relating to music analysis, composition and generation with javascript. It is developed using the MUSIQ.js library, a collection of useful algorithms that help with note, chord and scale recognition and calculation.

MUSIQ.js Interactive Guitar


This open-source MIT-licensed library is your swiss knife of musical analysis. It allows you to descibe notes, intervals, chords, scales and other concepts used in musical theory.

It gives you all sorts of ways to work with these concepts, like looking up chords from notes, finding scales belonging to a certain chord, viewing the relationship between notes and more.

Interactive Guitar

The interactive guitar neck gives you an online interface for manipulating and finding things on the guitar neck.

Some features that are included: search for notes, chords and scales directly on the neck, click on notes on the neck to form chords, transpose chords and more!

It's very much in development, give it a peek and see if you like it!


All code is available on github!

About the project

MUSIQ Lab is a project by Alexander Rulkens, working at studio:ludens. I'm an music enthousiast and an active guitar player. I'm also a nerd and developer and looking at current websites that help you to learn guitar, I couldn't keep wondering why they all look like they are made in 1999. Wait, maybe because they are...

So, I set out to create an interface for learning guitar and understanding music theory just the way I want to, which means visual and interactive. Because I'd like to see what I'm doing and do what I'm seeing.

Technologies used

Apart from being enthousiastic about music, I'm also raving about the new possibilities web technologies give us in building engaging online interfaces (I'm an interaction designer as well) and I decided to use the cutting-edge in javascript development technologies.